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Doing things differently so we can better serve kids who think differently.

Little Fern Forest provides a holistic experience for neurodiverse kids and their families through forest school, camps, therapy services, as well as parent and teacher coaching. Our team of therapy practitioners (OT, PT, SLP), teachers, and support staff host our programming at outdoor locations across Western Washington. 

Forest School

Nature immersed, child-led, neurodiversity affirming programs for little people looking for adventure.


Neurodiversity-affirming, nature immersion experiences where kids lead the exploration.

Outdoor Therapy

Description coming soon.

Sensory Consulting

Description coming soon!

Parent &
Teacher Coaching

Virtual options coming

What we're up to

Why Families Love Us


"We love Little Fern Forest School! My son has gone for a year and a half and has grown tremendously during that time. His coordination, speech and socialization skills have all improved and he has made good friends. Being outside has been great for him, and he is practicing independence. I also love that the bonus teachers are all OT students! I highly recommend!"

"Emily Bryce and Little Fern Forest have helped our child so much! When school and life are just getting to be too much, playing and rediscovering joy in a place where people understand and affirm neurodiversity can be exactly what is needed. Our child usually comes back from LFF tired but happy, and better regulated than at drop off. Little Fern Forest is one place that is always on our child’s "yes" list."


"Emily and Little Fern Forest have been the best thing to come into my life since I had my son. I have a 2.5yo HIGHLY active toddler and I was watching him full time until he was 2. I knew I wasn’t able to give him the energy he needed during the day and he just isn’t happy if he’s unable to be outside. Weather doesn’t matter to him! I have never seen him happier than when I pick him up from forest school and he is with his friends covered in mud and smiling. I feel incredibly lucky that he is able to experience his first years of “school” in nature and with like minded toddlers and teachers. Couldn’t ask for anything more."

"Emily and her team provide children and families a special  opportunity to learn about themselves in nature, progress in self discovery and celebrate what makes each of us unique in the process - I couldn’t recommend their services more!"


"Emily’s environment to work with kids is set apart from the rest. Not only does she have her preschool in a forest where my kids can ground themselves in nature but she also provides all her students with the physical breaks they need to stay in a state of learning. She excels in leading the students to make good choices gently. Working with Emily has been a blessing for my family. When my boys (2 and 5) have big feelings or breakdowns when she’s teaching she calmly guides them to the next thing and has an intrinsic ability to figure out what needs she needs to meet in order for them to keep learning. She is so knowledgable and full of ideas for me when I need help with either homeschooling or understanding and supporting my kids with their behavior and big feelings. Emily has such strong skills in communication with both kids and parents that makes working with her smooth and you leave with a plan and in a wonderful mood. I have seen such a huge improvement with my kids in just the last 6 months. My family is truly grateful we found her and have gotten the chance to work with her."


"For over four years we have been seeing Emily for OT for our kids. The journey for us started all those years ago with our oldest son, and has since grown with our family to include many of our kids. She has helped us through tough times, when I struggled as a parent and through the process of more than one diagnosis. Helped me to understand and navigate a whole new world in a sense so that I could better understand my neurodivergent kiddos and honestly learn a lot about myself in the process. We have come a long way since our journey began. Goals have been changed as skills have been mastered and my kids have grown. I don't know where I would be without all the support she has offered us over the years. She has a wonderful way of connecting with the kids that has since led to all of my children loving going to see her very much. It is often the highlight of our week getting to go up to see her. And as far as I am concerned she has become a part of our family, my kids think so and I agree."

"As a parent of a neurodiverse child, having a safe and inclusive environment for them to grow and thrive is important. At Little Fern Forest, the staff are patient and understanding, and embrace the unique strengths of each child. They create an inclusive environment where every child is welcomed and celebrated for their unique gifts and abilities. The outdoor space is full of sensory experiences that allow my child to explore, be creative, and learn. Through hands-on activities, my child has strengthened their connection to nature, improved social and motor skills, and gained confidence in their abilities. At Little Fern Forest my child feels at home and valued, and this has had a huge impact on their overall wellbeing. I am forever grateful to the team at Little Fern Forest for providing a safe environment for my child to grow, learn, and thrive.”


"Emily Bryce has crafted an extraordinary educational environment where children are encouraged to embrace and develop their true, innate selves, deeply intertwined with the wonders of nature. My daughters leave forest school each day believing in themselves, knowing their own strengths, and with great respect for the unique contributions of their friends. Emily and her teachers embrace neurodiversity, empowering children to navigate their own path in this world with confidence and curiosity."

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